Adonis Oil

Cooking oils are all the rage with a massive selection of brands to choose from. Adolis wanted a clear Olive brand design that translated easily across a number for different bottles and display materials.


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Adonis Oil

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The Olive Oil industry is as old as time itself but even today new brands emerge with a view to commanding a market share of the industry. Enter Adonis...

Sometimes it's the obvious that works the best. After all the idea of a brand is to message a meaning without saying very much so keeping it simple can still work best.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

See what happens when you turn a positive design into a negative version of the same thing. The brand retention is kept the same yet the packaging takes on a different complexion altogether!

An Upgrade for Any Dish

Yes we use stock images a lot, they are far cheaper in a lot of instances and with the use of existing photography and photoshop we can create lasting impressions and great marketing opportunities. 



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