Arte Artifacts

Sometimes a designer is faced with the challenge of creating magic with not a lot of cash. The Concept Clinic took that and used it as a medium for message delivery with a low tech visual approach.


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Arte Museum

Design Year


Gallery Hosts Arte Artifacts wanted brand representation and more of a visual following in order to build brand understanding and awareness. But on a very limited budget! 

The hardest part of any brand development is taking a blank piece of paper and creating something out of nothing. It's far easier when you have a large budget, now try it without one!

New for old Artifacts

Taking retro images and using a photoshop filter to create a photocopy styled impression is what gives this identity its unique feeling. It doesn't always have to be polished to be perfect, as demonstrated here. We even rough up the typography to accentuate the point.



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Concept Clinic believe it's what we do for you that matters. Not what we do for others. That's why some of the work here is concept representation only and not actual products.

We would not use any of your commissions on this website without your prior permission.