Vito Coffee

Vito Coffee is a brand new to the market coffee. Not the cheapest because its coffee beans are 100% Arabica beans from Peru. Regarded as the worlds best place to grow coffee beans. 


Packaging & Print 


Vito Coffee

Design Year


Three flavours, one distinct aroma and all gob-smackingly good coffee. "Come up with some great packaging that looks good on the shelf." So we did.

What's the best part about being creative? It's having the freedom to express your creativity in any way you like, that means if you want to change the font do it!

Classic Edition

Brand design number one.

Strong Edition

Brand design number two.

Lite Edition

Brand design number three.

Fresh Coffee & More

Here's a little trick for you. Find a generic image and make it yours by adding some branding to it. In this case a flash of the logo to the T-Shirt.